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Shiver – Karen Robards

shiverSamantha Jones is not having a good night, repo work is not easy you have to be fast and stealthily, often the subjects of her work are reluctant to give up their vehicles. During a routine pick up of a BMW the trunk releases and inside is a not quite dead guy.

Rick Marco aka undercover FBI agent Daniel Panterro is having a worse evening after being beaten and shot he is dumped in the trunk to be dealt with later. The chances of backup arriving in time are practically non-existent.

If driving a piece-of-crap tow truck through the seediest part of town with a Smith & Wesson beside her means putting a roof over her son’s head, then Samantha Jones is going to be the best damn repo woman on the books. The streetwalkers, the drug pushers, the bands of looking-for-trouble punks haunting the mean streets at midnight don’t intimidate her. These are her people. The guy she finds bound and bloodied in the trunk of her latest conquest, a flashy new BMW, is a different breed entirely.

Daniel Panterro was certain he was going to die. Instead, by a stroke of luck, he was beaten to within an inch of his life and left for dead. But if he’s having a bad day, Sam’s day is about to get way worse. Danny knows he hasn’t seen the last of the vicious drug runners who kidnapped him from protective custody. His only recourse is to take his pretty savior hostage and force her to help him. There’s no going back for Sam and her four-yearold son, Tyler. They’re in way too deep.

With ruthless killers stalking their trail, Sam’s only choice is to trust this handsome, menacing stranger. But as she relinquishes control, Sam feels an unmistakable desire. Could she be tempted by Danny, who seems intent on protecting her and Tyler from even his own darkest secrets? And what is the price of falling in love with a man who operates on the edge of danger—her heart, her life . . . or both?

SleepwalkerI am a big fan of Karen Robards, she is definitely one of my “auto buy” authors and usually she is just the thing when you are looking for a good action packed romantic suspense but unfortunately something was lacking in Shiver for me. All of the components were there but ultimately the result was well ...pedestrian, like Ms Robards was just going through the motions or missing that lightning strike that elevates the ordinary to something more. Somewhat similar to Shiver but with a better executed plot-line would be her July 2012 offering Sleepwalker.

It’s not that Micayla Lange is afraid of the clinking she hears coming from the first floor of the empty McMansion she’s housesitting for her uncle Nicco. She’s a cop, after all. It’s just that finding out her boyfriend was cheating on her was enough drama for one night. Now she’s alone on New Year’s Eve, wearing flannel pajamas and wielding a Glock 22 as she zeroes in on the unmistakable source of the sound: Uncle Nicco’s private office.

Jason Davis steals things for a living, so unexpected developments are a natural part of the job. Getting caught red-handed by a hot, pigtail-sporting police officer in what is supposed to be a gangster’s deserted house is just one more twist in the game. Kind of like finding incriminating photos in Nicco Marino’s safe, only to discover the cop—and the security cameras—have gotten a real good look at his face.

Samantha’s character unfortunately crossed that fine line between self sufficient and stupidly stubborn and Daniel’s just wasn’t compelling enough to compensate for her lack. By the time all was revealed I found myself not caring over much if they made the seemingly impossible escape from the innumerable bad guys pursuing them. My recommendation is that you take a pass on Shiver and go directly to Sleepwalker, which strangely out of the two novels is the one that will have you reaching for a sweater…to find out why? Well, you will have to read it.

AUTHOR: Karen Robards

RATING: 3 Stars (or somewhere between 2 1/2 and 3)

GENRE: Romantic Suspense