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Hidden Agenda – Peter Berman

Serial sex offenders, adulterers and murderers, oh my. Peter Berman’s Hidden Agenda has it all. This multi layered whodunit is initially a somewhat slow read but as it gets going much like a locomotive it’s hard to stop.

Reminiscent of early John Grisham’s works Berman introduces us to the likeable Jeremy Hart Head Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles County who also happens to be a grief stricken widower. At his therapist’s suggestion he attends a fundraiser where he meets the beautiful Claire Carleton with whom he feels an immediate connection. There is only one problem, Peter Carleton, Claire’s husband.

The story is subtle gradually building in intensity leaving the reader wondering how our intrepid DA is going to extricate himself from a very difficult situation. Hidden Agenda is very readable and upon starting the story the reader may think predictable, but in fact the author has skillfully laid out a web like plot that ties together beautifully at the end with each and every question answered without straining the bounds of credulity at all.

AUTHOR: Peter Berman

RATING: 4  Stars

GENRE: Crime Fiction (Police Procedural)