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Screen (Paris Secrets #2) – Michele Renae

  • screenCover (2)Title: Screen
  • Author: Michele Renae
  • Series: Book #2
  • Published: Swell Cat Press, LLC (Feb. 7 2014)
  • Format: eBook
  • Genre/s: Erotica/Romance
  • Source: Author/Publisher
  • Rating: B+

If I liked Window the first installment of this trilogy, I loved Screen. Albeit I have some strong words for the author for leaving me in such distress until THIS FALL when the conclusion to this subtly addictive story is released but that is neither here nor there. regardless this is not a story to be missed.

Words can be more powerful than touch. Stimulate and engage the senses then watch what happens…
They began a daring affair a few weeks ago, baring skin, sensual secrets—their very souls—before their bedroom windows situated across the street from one another.

Now they’ve taken it to the next level. The laptop screen has added sound to their intimate liaisons, and his voice, that delicious French accent, is oh, so sexy. His laughter teases good shivers across her skin and his sensual commands seduces her deeper into a world of erotic play. Fantasies lure them into a new intimacy and a surprising trust that the two strangers who have never touched welcome.

Yet frustrations grow as she pines for his touch. They must meet. Soon. But a secret is revealed that will challenge their desires and the trust both have earned.
Return to the heroine’s Parisian apartment as she continues her relationship with Monsieur Sexy and they explore the delicious intricacies of cyber-sex.

At the conclusion of Window, Monsieur Sexy is leaving for Berlin on business. He wants to Skype while he is away lending a voice to what had been previously only been a very explicit game of “if you show me yours, I’ll show you mine”. Initially our heroine is uneasy with the growing intimacy between them but she is soon completely beguiled by her Parisian lover as are those following this unconventional romance. However, it soon becomes clear that her window lover has secrets that may prevent them from taking their love out from behind glass.

When I first read Window it was difficult to imagine neighbors engaging in voyeurism of this manner, strangers at a club, sure, but right in your own backyard so to speak was perplexing, at least to me. Then as the characters began to evolve and develop their own unique personalities I found myself accepting their strange seeming prediction of stripping in front of the other with only 15 feet and two panes of glass separating them and anxiously awaiting when they would finally meet. Screen posed no such challenges to my ability to suspend disbelief in fact I found myself completely invested in their story and I believe you will be too.

Michele Renae is an author of over 50 stories in the fantasy, action/adventure, historical and paranormal romance genres, now writes erotica as Michele Renae.

Michele is good at daydreaming, kitty wrangling, navigating Paris from memory, and locating parking spots close to the front door.  She is not so good at making bath bombs, being patient in line at the Post Office, and reading only one book at a time.

Disclaimer: ARC was kindly provided by the author for an honest review.




SPECIAL Window – Michele Renae



We all have an inner “Peeping Tom”, of that I have no doubt, more pressing is the question, do we all have an inner “exhibitionist“? I am not talking about the creepy raincoat wearing “flasher” type but the one who is buried deep in that place where we hide the things that are not quite as acceptable for everyday consumption. What would it take to coax that carefully concealed part of us to the surface?

Michele Renae‘s Window takes us to Paris where her protagonist is living a fantasy, well mine anyway. A book researcher, who works from home in Paris, in front of an enormous plate glass window where she can watch the various comings and goings, including the man moving into the building across the street.

I moved to Paris for the thrill of it, to utterly defy that inner part of me that whispered “You can’t do this on your own. You don’t even speak French!”

A new handsome neighbour who fences…in the nude? So begins a game of truth or dare with the emphasis on dare.

An erotic romance behind glass

The first time she sees her new neighbour, his sexy smile arouses her curiosity — and her desires. His hard, chiseled muscles and playful invitations are irresistible.

Bared before their windows, framed and displayed above the streets of Paris, they embark upon a provocative affair.


Michele Renae has written an evocative tale of love with a proper neighbour or not so proper as the case may be. While I can’t see myself playing strip tease in front of my neighbour you won’t want to miss Window. Be warned that it is the first of a series and you will definitely be left wanting more like I was! Now I am anxiously awaiting Screen the second installment in this series in February.

P.S. Having just finished Screen let me tell you it does not disappoint. Get it now! 

AUTHOR: Michele Renae

RATING: 3 1/2 Stars

GENRE: Erotica/Romance

Disclaimer: ARC was kindly provided by the publisher for an honest review.