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Colter’s Lady (Colter’s Legacy #2) – Maya Banks

If Colter’s Woman was naive in its execution, Colter’s Lady is a more realistic depiction of polyandry.

  • Colters Lady 72 LGTitle: Colter’s Lady
  • Author: Maya Banks
  • ISBN 1609280245 (ISBN13: 9781609280246)
  • Series: Colter’s Legacy #2
  • Published: June 1st 2010 by Samhain Publishing, Ltd
  • Format: Audio-book
  • Genre/s: Erotic Romance
  • Print Length: 330 pages
  • Source: Library
  • Rating: C

SSWhile I still maintain that Toni of Seducing Simon was one of the stupidest heroines I have ever had the misfortune of reading about, upon concluding Colter’s Lady Maya Banks has managed to convince me that her Colter’s are not living in Home, Pennsylvania the locale and title of the infamous episode of The X-Files. If you watched the series you will vividly remember the notorious inbred Peacock family.

The Peacock family was a family residing in HomePennsylvania that had lived on their own since the American Civil War. Their house had no running water or electricity and they grew their own food. It was also widely held that the family engaged in inbreeding for generations, resulting in horrific disfigurements and birth defects.

Though I must admit I do hear Johnny Mathis singing “Wonderful! Wonderful!” deep in my subconscious as I write this.

Thirty years after the conclusion of the first book in the Colter’s Legacy series Colter’s Woman, Seth Colter, Holly and the three Colter brothers eldest son, is volunteering at the local homeless shelter when he is immediately and powerfully attracted to one of their patrons. Truly, the reasons I listened to the book were twofold, I am still trying to determine the source of Ms Banks’ seemingly inexplicable (to me) popularity and this line that I read in the description on Goodreads in fact I would say mostly because of this line after which I giggle to myself every time I think about it.

When police officer Seth Colter sees the delicate, shabbily dressed beauty in line at the soup kitchen where he’s serving, he’s gut shot over the idea of her being on the streets cold and alone.

Gut shot! Who could resist that? I know I mentioned this in my review of the first instalment in the Colter’s Legacy series but AGAIN on the cover is just one man and one woman which is extremely misleading when the focus of the story is a relationship that develops between three brothers and one woman. It seems that we can only imagine what that cover would be like…

Seth is convinced Lily is his. The problem is, when his brothers lay eyes on her, the same primitive instinct comes roaring to the surface. The Colters’ never imagined they’d follow the unconventional path of their fathers, but they can’t ignore their mutual need to offer Lily their protection and their love. But before Lily and the brothers can forge a future together, they must heal the deep wounds of her past.

If I thought the use of a homeless person as a romantic lead in novel was a unique plot device as evidenced in Poughkeepsie and again in Colter’s Lady. I have since come across similar plot-lines in at least two other stories not including Colter’s Lady. Clearly this trend is original only in my mind and perhaps other readers are not as concerned with the logistics of access to shower facilities as I am. Granted after Seth convinced Lily to accompany him home she immediately showered thus relieving my sensibilities somewhat about the realities of basic hygiene.

Lily and Seth experience not even twelve hours of idyll before Seth’s brother Michael arrives unannounced and upon spying his brother’s guest, he experiences the same powerful attraction to Lily as his older brother. What impressed me was Seth’s reaction, despite being raised with three fathers, rather than embracing the idea of sharing this new and intriguing woman he has met, he is possessive and grudging of the idea of not being the sole focus of her attention. A much more realistic reaction, in my opinion, than the naive seeming acceptance of the brothers in Colter’s Woman that they would just settle down with one woman and everything would be just hunky dory.

After some initial posturing on Seth’s behalf, Larry, Curly and Moe…wait no Seth, Michael and Dylan set themselves the task of convincing Lily to consider a future with all three of them. Lily accepts but only on the condition that they practice safe sex, not in fear of disease, but of pregnancy. Am I the only one who considers this strange, why a woman who is terrified of getting pregnant would choose to have intercourse with not one but three men increasing her chances of conceiving exponentially? Rather significantly I would think as the average healthy male ejaculate contains an astonishing 40 million to 1.4 billion sperm cells! Of course, as Murphy’s Law would have it, the first time Lily and the three brothers have an orgy, no I meant “make love” the condom breaks and she is so distraught that she is rendered almost catatonic by the prospect. I must admit at this point I was rubbing my hands together mentally in glee, believing that we were finally going to get to the good stuff perhaps some post-abortion or Münchausen by proxy syndrome alas I had forgotten for a moment what I was reading.

Colter’s Lady had potential, potential that unfortunately went largely unrecognized, when Lily’s secret from her past was finally disclosed it was strangely anticlimactic. While it is understandable that she would feel responsible for the circumstances that occurred in her past which were truly horrible. The extent of and her unwavering conviction, without any possibility that the fault was not solely hers was unrealistic in my opinion.


Maya Banks lives in south-east Texas with her husband and three children. When she’s not writing, she loves to hunt and fish, bum on the beach, play poker and travel.

Escaping into the pages of a book is something she’s loved to do since she was a child. Now she crafts her own worlds and characters and enjoys spending as much time with them as possible.


Colter’s Woman (Colter’s Legacy Series #1) – Maya Banks


I will have you know that I am writing this review under duress, well not precisely duress per se. A friend, after being the unwilling recipient of my rantings and ravings following the conclusion and sometimes during the first three Maya Banks novels I have either read or listened to recently, insisted that I finish this Devil’s Bargain, that I have made with whom I don’t know, but so help me I draw the line at Into the Lair! Though the blurb was so ridiculous I was tempted, seriously Maya Banks is a creative genius, I might hazard to call her a mad genius but that would be unkind.

Ian and Braden Thomas return to the US to extract Katie Buchanan, the sister of the teammate who betrayed them. She could very well be the key to taking down the man responsible for turning Ian and Braden into unstable cat shifters.

Manimal_(TV_series)Not even my great affection for cats would make me willing to submit myself to that particular assault on my sensibilities. Honestly, “unstable cat shifters”? Before you scoff and say I have no appreciation for the paranormal I will have you know that I was a HUGE fan of Manimal. The special effects were truly wretched in retrospect but what do you expect it was 1983 after all. I suspect that unlike The Twilight Zone the integrity of the story-lines might not hold for today’s discriminating audience but then again if you are featuring unstable cat shifters in a best-selling novelist’s works I could be wrong.

The Colter brothers give new meaning to keeping it in the family…

Adam, Ethan and Ryan aren’t looking for women. They’re looking for a woman. One woman they know will share their lives and their beds. They’re losing hope they’ll find her, that is until Adam discovers Holly lying in the snow just yards from their cabin.

Adam knows she’s the one the minute he holds her in his arms, and as soon as his brothers see her, they know it too. The only problem is convincing Holly of that fact—and protecting her from the danger of her past.

The cover of this novel is extremely misleading as there is only one man and a woman featured instead of the three brothers and the lone woman they adopt for lack of the appropriate term. Truly there is so much wrong with this plot-line I am at a loss for where to start. I would assume women who would be willing to deal with three men full time wouldn’t be thick on the ground. However, Adam Colter had the good fortune to find one right outside his door. Within minutes of laying eyes on her, he determined that she was the “one”.

From a strictly story structure point of view to have so many characters vying for center stage was distracting. I think it would take the skill of a truly gifted writer to fully develop all the characters in this situation. While I didn’t find Holly anywhere near as annoying as Seducing Simon’s Toni, she was quite simply insipid and a bit whiny. She also seemed to suffer from this ridiculous somewhat moronic misplaced guilt complex that I have noted in a number of female characters in Bank’s works. Ultimately unoffensive but her presence didn’t add anything to the story there was quite simply nothing compelling enough about her to make not one, not two but three men to fall into “insta-love” with her. Beyond Adam, as the patriarchal figure, Ryan was the only brother who seemed to have a fully developed character. Though Lacey, the spurned lady sheriff, whom Adam initially thought might make a good mate for his unconventional family, had potential. All I recall about Ethan is that he was the oral placeholder in the group gang bang. I won’t sport with your sensibilities further by matching the other two brothers to the remaining orifices.

Yet again following the conclusion of a Maya Banks novel, what I have discovered when conducting the research that I feel is necessary in support of my opinions has proved to be surprising. For example, the practice of Polyandry (Greek: poly- many, andros– man) refers to a form of marriage in which a woman has two or more husbands at the same time. The form of polyandry in which a woman is married to two or more brothers is known as “fraternal polyandry”, and it is believed by many anthropologists to be the most frequently encountered form. http://www.princeton.edu/~achaney/tmve/wiki100k/docs/Polyandry.html. Though unsubstantiated I even found a reference that Saskatchewan, Canada, a mere province away from my own, is the only jurisdiction in North American to have legally sanctioned polyandrous unions at the family court level.

Big Love promotional photo featuring (from lef...
Big Love promotional photo featuring (from left to right) Jeanne Tripplehorn, Bill Paxton, Chloë Sevigny, and Ginnifer Goodwin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Regardless of the social implications involved and my limited experience beyond a season or two of Big Love, it was still extremely difficult to suspend my disbelief when listening to Colter’s Woman. The idea is intriguing however implausible considering how often I want to strangle my significant other, as much as I adore him…now imagine that three-fold?

AUTHOR: Maya Banks

RATING: 2 Stars

GENRE: Erotic Romance

Deja View? Seducing Simon – Maya Banks

SS I think I may be having the equivalent to a literary mid-life crisis. Either that or I am insane, at least according to Einstein’s  definition I am, because I keep reading books by Maya Banks and therefore must be expecting a different outcome rather than outrage and frustration. Yet that seems to be the most common reaction I have after reading her novels. Actually if anything I am becoming more enraged with each story I read, Seducing Simon was no exception.

Insanitydoing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results – Albert Einstein

Maya Banks is very prolific so there must be something in her writing that is drawing “us” in although what it is defies me. Having an inquiring mind I feel like I should be able to identify what the secret to her success is and thus this posting.

One fateful night, Toni Langston seduces her best friend, the guy she’s been in love with forever. Two problems-he doesn’t remember a thing that happened and now she’s pregnant. Toni is devastated and humiliated when, in the heat of the moment, he calls her by his girlfriend’s name. The next morning, Simon remembers nothing of the previous night and Toni is only too relieved not to remind him. Two months later, she discovers she’s pregnant. She wants Simon to love her, apart from any obligation he might feel because of the baby.

In a very “Friends” type arrangement, Toni lives with her brother and two of his firefighter coworkers. Their ideal is shattered when roommate A.J. drops his watch in the wastepaper basket in the washroom and comes across a positive pregnancy test while searching for the offending time piece. The core plot is actually right out of 2001’s Friends season eight story arc when the group discovers someone is pregnant, in much the same manner if I remember correctly. Hi-jinx ensue and it is revealed that it is not in fact Monica who is pregnant but Rachel and the father is none other than Ross. Substitute Toni for Rachel and Simple Simon (as I dubbed him) for Ross and you will get the gist of things.

As much as I love the friends to lovers plot-line, I can only read or listen to, in this case, a finite number of agonizing passages from both sides bemoaning the threat to the relationship that becoming romantically involved poses before I want to start screaming. This in and of itself really didn’t compromise the integrity of the story but it was just one of the many transgressions made by this author in what was as a whole an overwrought heavy handed audio-book.

Toni has been hung up on Simon for years, a situation that seemed hopeless. That is until he comes home drunk after intending to surprise his girlfriend, and instead he gets the surprise finding her bed with another man. She seizes the opportunity to show the object of her affection how she feels. Perhaps naively Toni is shocked when Simon drunkenly calls her by his now ex-girlfriend’s name before passing out. Justifiably humiliated she retreats and is relieved when Simon awakens with no memories of the prior evenings events.

My sympathies were firmly on the side of Team Toni, that is until she revealed that she suffered from an incurable malady I affectionately call “stupid heroine syndrome“. Simon was only marginally better, thus my nickname of Simple Simon. The news of Toni’s pregnancy shocks her brother and roommates, perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised at her later actions considering her initial plan of action was to leave her family home to live alone, ostensibly to hide her pregnancy as long as possible, even though she had only a part time job and no real means to support herself and her baby.

I initially and rather unkindly (I admit) scoffed at the fact that Toni was still a virgin at the seemingly advanced age of 25. That is until I took it upon myself to do some research and came across a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics and found a sexual behavior survey conducted between the years of 2006 and 2008 stated that 29% of females aged 15-24 reported that they had not engaged in sexual practices involving intercourse. Now as to why Toni wouldn’t have thought to use a condom is a discussion for another day.

Just as her brother and roommates are adjusting to the upcoming change in their living arrangements another firefighter from their station asks Toni out. An occurrence that discomfits Simon greatly. By confessing her predicament to Mike it is possibly the only act within the whole story where Toni shows a modicum of sense. Deciding a relationship is out of the question Mike conspires with Toni to seduce Simon. The plan, in short, was pretend to date Mike, dress seductively and touch Simon a lot to which he reacted in an appropriately male fashion. I won’t sport with your sensibilities by going into detail.

In an incomprehensibly stupid act, at least to me, Toni decides to play flag football with the firemen and of course she is knocked down. When she starts spotting, instead of immediately seeking medical assistance like any sane woman, she opts to go home. Once I managed to close my mouth I immediately googled the author to see if she was a mother as the only reason I could conceive of that she would write something so ridiculous would be out of plain ignorance. I then audited my friends who are mothers to see if the idea of spotting was as terrifying to them as it was to me. The response was unilaterally “Go directly to the doctor, do not pass GO, do not collect $200!” Only one hedged that if the child was unwanted perhaps the answer would be different but Toni maintained throughout the novel that she loved her baby despite the stupidity of her actions surrounding its conception.

Once her “plan” to seduce Simon began to, excuse the pun, bear fruit did she confess that he was the father of her child? No, of course not. Opportunity after opportunity arose for Toni to come clean and instead she would continue to choose the stupidest course of actions possible from those that mildly endangered her unborn child, overworking herself and not eating properly to those that were wildly risky driving home in the middle of the night during a freak ice storm. Perhaps her actions would be more selfless if the father of her child was an uninterested, unemployed scumbag. However Simon, even before realizing that he was going to be a father, stepped into the role repeatedly offering to accompany Toni to her appointments and even rubbing her feet!

Toni was without a question one of the stupidest, most selfish heroines I have ever had the misfortune to read about. I debated and have concluded that Seducing Simon defies rating. Save your sympathies though because in my opinion I don’t deserve them since I decided to follow this up by listening to Colter’s Woman by Maya Banks. A story that features not one, not two but three brothers who are looking for ONE woman to share their lives with. Cue the banjos now, or am I the only one who is having visions of Deliverance?