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Love, In Writing – Elsa Winckler

LIWIs Margaret Parker’s life imitating her art? Or is her art imitating her life? Graham Connelly can’t suspend disbelief. He has lost faith, embittered and betrayed. He no longer believes in love but that is okay he believes in science.

Perhaps it is just because I live in North America but the moment I read “Tarts and Vicars” I immediately thought of Bridget Jones’ disastrous playboy bunny outfit. Margaret has been bullied into wearing a much too revealing outfit and when trying to make her escape she runs into a handsome stranger in the lift. Graham is unforgivably rude and assumes that she is either a stalker or a prostitute and treats her accordingly. Despite their acrimonious initial meeting both are struck by the other, imagine their shock when they arrive at the same creative writing class as guest speakers.

A hardcore Science Fiction writer and a soft-hearted romance novelist clash on the sunny South African coast…

Margaret Parker is a hopeless romantic whose fantasies fuel her writing. For Graham Connelly, science fiction is the perfect genre to express his cynical world view. A chance meeting in a lift leaves them both interested and aroused — with no clue as to the other’s identity.

Margaret has been looking for a face to match her new fictional hero — and Graham’s is it. Graham has been looking for proof that innocence and optimism still exist — and he’s found it in Margaret. But fantasy isn’t reality, and both Margaret and Graham are used to controlling their fictional worlds. Can they step off the pages long enough to find their own happy-ever-after?

Both Margaret’s and Graham’s characters were classic archetypes, that being said neither were particularly appealing. Margaret was hopelessly old fashioned, ruffle wearing, teetotalling all of which were excusable except perhaps the ruffles but I could not abide by her spineless nature. Graham is assertive bordering on overbearing, his controlling nature was not half as off-putting as Margaret’s inability to stand-up to her family yet stubbornly holding on to her fairy tale ideals.

Despite it’s faults I enjoyed reading Love, In Writing, Elsa Winckler has written an engaging story in an intriguing setting and ultimately I would be curious to see what else she writes in the future.

AUTHOR: Elsa Winckler

RATING: 3 Stars

GENRE: Contemporary Romance


Disclaimer: ARC was kindly provided by the publisher for an honest review.