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Fallen From Grace – Laura Leone

Fallen From Grace Cover Fallen From Grace by Laura Leone was a hidden treasure mined from my recommendations list on Goodreads. There are not many things I like better than searching for and planning my next read especially if the reward is a story like this one. If May’s blogging theme was the exploration of a romance between older women and much younger men then June was street kids turned male prostitutes. I enjoyed Finding Home, the story of a cub reporter who investigates and eventually takes in a street kid, even though it was not a suitable comparison to On the Island or A Much Younger Man, which was my original intention. Laura Leone takes a similar plot in Fallen From Grace and crafts an emotional story of the redemption of  the man and the writer who loves him.

Ryan Kinsmore is two people, to Sara, he is first her kind hearted animal loving neighbour and then later her friend, to others, he is Kevin a very exclusive and highly paid escort. Sara Diamond is trying to recreate herself, she has just been released from her publishing contract and sells her home to support herself while she tries to write and market a new series. Through their shared balcony Ryan and Sara meet and gradually get to know each other discussing his modelling career and her struggles to succeed in publishing without the support of a company or even an agent.

All the same, he looked like someone who understood disappointment and fear, and she’d already discovered that he was someone who understood sorrow.

Having read both Finding Home and Fallen From Grace, one can easily imagine that the fate of Sean would have been similar to Ryan’s had he fallen under the power of a person like Catherine. The woman whom Ryan credits from saving him from the streets and whose place in his life Sara will have to challenge if she hopes to build a future with him.

Critically speaking both Finding Home and Fallen From Grace were stories that captured my attention with good character development neither story required an unreasonable suspension of disbelief, something that I am struggling a great deal with as a reviewer of late. If one story was superior to the other it would been Fallen From Grace as the power dynamic between Ryan and Sara is just that much more equitable whereas it was challenging for Sean to accept any overture from Megan without feeling indebted.

TITLE: Fallen From Grace

AUTHOR: Laura Leone (Laura Resnick)

RATING: 4 Stars

GENRE: Fiction


Finding Home – Lauren Baker and Bonnie Dee

I came across Finding Home by Lauren Baker and Bonnie Dee on the Best Older Woman/Younger Man recommendation list from Goodreads while searching for a comparison piece to On the Island. Despite the fact that I determined that this novel wasn’t suitable for comparison, I found that Finding Home had a great deal of merit as a story in its own right.

Megan is a young copywriter frustrated with her inability to get a writing assignment at the paper where she works. Impetuously she decides to take the initiative to find her own story if the powers that be will not give her one to cover. She quickly makes a place for herself among the youth working the street, guided by Mouth, a homeless teen who supports himself largely through prostitution. After he is beaten and robbed Megan takes him in to the consternation of her friends and family setting the stage for an unusual romance.

Perhaps I am in the minority but the age difference in this novel seemed pretty unobjectionable considering the context of the story itself. The  other challenges, mainly his past, that they would face as a couple it would seem that the difference in their ages was paltry at best. Regardless, Baker and Dee have created a highly readable story filled with the angst and grit that you would imagine is intrinsic to life on the street.

AUTHOR: Lauren Baker and Bonnie Dee

RATING: 4  Stars

GENRE: Fiction

Finding Home Cover