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Left Drowning ARC Review – Jessica Park

Anyone who has read Flat Out Love cannot help but admire the artistry that is Jessica Park’s writing. Jessica Park writes about families, those of blood and those we create ourselves. She writes about love, loss and redemption. She does this with such a deft hand  it isn’t until the reader stops to think about what they have read that they realize the magnitude of the message conveyed.

Blythe McGuire is barely functioning when Left Drowning opens, she is months from graduation and has managed to avoid contact with everyone for the better part of four years. Meeting the Shepherd family demolishes the walls Blythe has erected between herself and the world after the deaths of her parents in a fire four years prior. Blythe is especially drawn to Chris the eldest of the Shepherd clan and he in turn brings her back out into the light. However idyllic these initial encounters with Chris are, he is harboring secrets that he cannot or will not share with Blythe, secrets that threaten the tentative healing that has just begun.

Left Drowning is an interesting counterpart to Flat Out Love, the reader moves through Jessica Park’s previous novel with an ominous  growing suspicion that something is very wrong whereas with Left Drowning there is no doubt. From the opening scene the grief and barely concealed torment of all the characters and the causes is apparent to the reader. I believe that due to the subject matter and the overt sexuality of the story that it would be unreadable in another author’s hands. She expertly depicts Blythe’s slow and painful journey from emotional devastation to a place where if she is not whole she is functional with the hope of better in the future.

AUTHOR: Jessica Park

RATING: 3 1/2  Stars

GENRE: Fiction