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I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have submitted their work to me for review. I am sincerely touched by the response from so many authors who have shared their wonderful stories with me. The sheer quantity has been awe inspiring and being the sole administrator of this blog I may not respond to your emails in a timely fashion. I DO look at all submissions and will consider all for future review but I will only respond to those that have been selected for review to advise authors when to look for the posting. Please do not let this dissuade you from submitting as I might add your book to the schedule and will send you a link to the post promptly when I do but please keep in mind that the number I can accept at this time is extremely limited.

Email to with subject line “Review Request.

REVIEW REQUEST REQUIREMENTS – I will consider submissions from all fiction genres for upcoming posts in 2016 but my personal preferences are for romance and all of its sub genres (sci-fi, contemporary, paranormal, what have you…), popular and women’s fiction, NA, YA, and sci-fi/fantasy, with the occasional political thriller and horror thrown in to make things interesting and DID I MENTION I LIKE ROMANCE? I will consider anything with an intriguing synopsis but my preferred genres and those who follow the submission requirements closely will be given priority

Please note I can not guarantee that all work I receive will be featured on the site but all books that ARE selected for review will be done so as fairly and positively as possibleThis being said I believe that all reviewers, critics, bloggers, readers and the like should subscribe to a personal code of ethics, as do I, and in doing so ensure that any criticism ultimately is constructive and not malicious in nature.


SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS                                               Here is the fine print please read…        

For Reviews: Required for submission e-pub format preferred, author bio, blurb, publication date and website link with accompanying cover and author pic jpeg or applicable image file.

Email to with subject line “Review Request. I will also welcome submissions for Most Wanted” Author Spotlight: Bio, blurb and excerpt from the feature work required emailed to with subject heading “Author Spotlight“.

That’s it! Happy writing!


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