Most Wanted

The caption from the old scandal rag of my childhood The Enquirer always intrigued me “inquiring minds want to know” I still have an inquiring mind and always wonder about what else is out there. Lately the idea of books that I might miss due to circumstance has been on my mind. The solution was easy find the authors and their stories. Okay, probably not as simple as that but I have a tendency towards underestimation.  

Reading is a risky business particularly if you are a reader like me who can have problems separating fiction from reality at times. I believe it was Laurell K. Hamilton who wrote “Life is too short to read books you don’t like.” I would add to that “Life is too short to miss out on books that you love.” Perhaps I would be overstating the search for a good book to looking for that special person to share your life with but the process does bear some similarities no?

It’s difficult to get published, everyone knows that.  As readers we could take the easy way I suppose and follow the madding crowd and read offerings strictly off the bestseller list but personally I would wonder about the path and thus the authors not taken. Here is the answer, the best books you haven’t read, meet the authors and stories destined to become favorites.


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