After I Fall by Amity Hope FEATURE

After I Fall by Amity Hope

Release Date: 12/15/14

Summary from Goodreads:

When EmLynn’s dad loses his battle with cancer, the last thing she wants is to move across the country to live with her Mom. Her mom left her dad years ago to start a new, improved family with her new, improved husband.

When Eric finds himself in the middle of a mess of someone else’s making, the last thing he wants is to be dumped into the foster care system. He’s spent most of his life on his own, so he doesn’t see the point of having a pretend family now.

A chance meeting has them both thinking that maybe their new town of Roseville isn’t so bad. But as they grow closer, an unknown enemy, along with a tangle of secrets and a web of little white lies, may just be enough to make their newfound love unravel completely.

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Ten things you didn’t know about Amity Hope

1) We have a pet crayfish. His name is Dezmo. He was adopted from my son’s 4th grade science class.

2) When I was in middle school I used to sneak Stephen King books out of the public library (my mom would not have approved!). I would read them on the top bunk of my bunk bed, under the covers, with a flashlight so I wouldn’t wake my little sister. I used to scare myself senseless.

I don’t read Stephen King anymore. I’ve turned into a wimp.

3) I adore Jensen Ackles from Supernatural. Because how could you not?

4) I am not a crier. I hate crying. The first book that ever made me cry was Where the Red Fern Grows (in 5th grade). The only other book that has made me cry was Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead. I blame that on the fact that I stayed up until 5AM to finish it. I was emotional and overly tired. (Actually, it was really just that good).

5) I love Dimitri Belikov. He’s my favorite book boyfriend. Hence the tears at the end of Shadow Kiss.

6) I don’t know a thing about cars but I’m fascinated by old cars. I love going to classic car shows. I dream of having a garage full of old, restored cars. Especially a pink and white ’57 Bel Air.

7) I’m a very questionable cook (just ask my poor children). However, I really love to bake. Especially bread. I don’t buy bread from the store anymore.

8) On the rare occasion that I have the house to myself for the weekend there’s a good chance I’ll end up watching Netflix. I love old episodes of Charmed, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries… (You get the picture).

9) I’ve had maybe half a dozen cats throughout my life. Every one of them has been a “rescued” cat. I currently have two—Princess Jellybean (a Siamese mix) and Sasha (a Maine Coon mix). We adopted them three years ago. My boys each picked out one and named them.

10) I love the Pretty Little Liars them song. It’s so catchy and yet so creepy. It goes through my head all the time. Mostly when I’m trying to concentrate on something else.


As we rounded a corner I glanced back to make sure the twins were right behind me. In the instant that I looked away, I collided with a solid, masculine body. His hands flew to my elbows to steady me.

“I’m so sorry!” I exclaimed the same moment he said, “Are you okay?”

I stepped back and found myself looking into a pair of espresso colored eyes. His espresso colored hair was hopelessly rumpled. It was a bit too long and…perfect, really.

“I’m fine, just clumsy,” I admitted.

“She’s not good at paying attention,” Madison informed him.

He chuckled, setting a single dimple free. “I’ll have to remember that.”

“Sometimes she crashes into my dad and makes him spill his coffee,” she somberly explained.

“Madison, hush! That happened one time!” I said with a laugh.

“He didn’t get mad though. My daddy likes EmLynn,” she continued on. “He says we have to be patient with her because she can be kind of moody sometimes. But he says that she still loves us. Even when she’s grumpy.”

Of course I loved them.

And I wasn’t that grumpy. At least not lately.

Natalie, who was standing a step behind Madison, nodded in wide-eyed agreement.

“EmLynn, huh?” he asked. “Pretty name.”


“I’m Eric.”

“And you’re new around here,” I added.

“Yeah, I am.” He didn’t look too pleased about it.

After what I’d seen today, I couldn’t really blame him.

I slid a glance toward the pool area, scowling at Jace when I realized he was watching our interaction.

“Well, don’t let them get to you,” I said as I vaguely motioned toward the pool area.

His frowned. “You saw all that?”

I nodded sympathetically. “I wish I could say they weren’t all bad. But that whole group is. I do my best to avoid them.”

“Emmm,” Madison said as she tugged on the hem of my shirt, “can we go home now? I want to see if my Daddy’s home yet.”

“In a minute,” I assured her. I turned back to Eric. “So was this your first day?”

He shook his head. “No. It’s my third.”

“Have all the days been like this?”

“Nah, just the first day and today.” He shook his head, realizing how bad that sounded.

Two days out of three? I shook my head in sympathy.

About the Author

A little bit about me…

I live in beautiful northern Minnesota with my two sons, two cats and our Rottweiler.

If I’m not writing, or spending time with my kids, I’m most likely reading.

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