Outlander- Comes to Canada

GUEST POST by teachergirl73 – It’s Here! It’s Finally Here!


I read Outlander for the first time about 14 years ago. My BFF had been pestering me for years to read it, and honestly I cannot tell you why I resisted, but I did until one Christmas holiday when I finally decided to bite the bullet. The day that I picked up the book, just happened to be the day that I was supposed to be heading to my BFF’s house for an early Christmas dinner. I showed up late because I couldn’t put it down. I walked into her place explaining my lateness was due to her damn book and that I had to read until the end of Part One before I could tear myself away. I was also quite upset and exclaimed quite loudly, “But what about Frank?!” demanding to know what would become of Claire’s poor husband whose wife had suddenly vanished into thin air.  My BFF’s response was something along the lines of “Pshaw! Frank-Schmank, who cares about him? Just keep reading!”. I will leave further elaboration of this response to Andrea as she is currently working on a post that will examine the role of Frank in the novel.


For years since starting the Outlander series and upon hearing the whispering of a possible film adaptation, Andrea and I have pondered the feasibility of translating the book into a feature film. We were both in agreement that the story could never be told in one film, and were apprehensive of who they might cast. So when we heard that Outlander was being adapted into a television series, I know that I was very excited about the prospect.  Every reader has their own vision of a favourite character in a book, and I knew what my Jamie looked like with the exception being that I never had a clear image of his face. It was always a little fuzzy around the edges and I suppose that was because I hadn’t seen someone to fit the bill yet. Once I had a look at the first pictures of Sam Heughan who plays Jamie, I realized that he might just be the perfect fit. The casting of Claire with actress Caitriona Balfe, also works for me. From the first few trailers that were released, it was clear that she had good chemistry with Heughan, so I got over the fact that her hair isn’t quite as curly as the description given of Claire’s hair. In the trailers for the show, we get to hear Claire’s narration of what has happened to her, and Balfe does a fantastic job of delivering Claire’s “voice”.

The first episode, entitled “Sassenach”, premieres in Canada on Sunday, August 24th at 10 pm on SHOWCASE.

Sassenach S1, Ep 1 – In the series premiere of this cable drama, a married British combat nurse time-travels from World War II to 1743 Scotland, is kidnapped by Highlanders and tends to an injured young warrior.


I was very relieved to hear that there would be a Canadian network picking up the show, given that STARZ is a channel that is accessible in Canada. My only complaint about the premiere is why couldn’t SHOWCASE air the show’s first episode during the same week as STARZ? Thanks to social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, I feel like Canadians have been taunted for the past three weeks with images and snippets of the first two episodes and it hardly seems fair. Even the Aussie’s got the first episode more than a week ago! I know it ultimately comes down to money, as most things in life, but I think that when free online streaming sites offer new episodes of television shows almost immediately after they air, it is incumbent on networks to get their ducks in a line faster before they lose precious viewership. But that’s a debate for another day…

The bottom line is: Outlander, we are ready for you! And we can’t hardly wait for Sunday night to get here! So put the kids to bed early, pour a glass of wine or maybe some scotch (Check out #scotchtalk on Twitter to see some really funny pictures of the cast) and silence your phones, as this is going to be something you are going to want to savour. Je suis prest!






5 thoughts on “Outlander- Comes to Canada”

  1. Honestly if I wasn’t already excited enough to see this life-altering novel come to life…I am now! Teachergirl I completely echo your comments and also have Andrea – in her great literary wisdom, to thank for introducing me to The Outlander series. It was the first book of its size that I read willingly albeit slowly because I savoured every moment with Jaime…and Claire too but there were moments when I personally wanted to find the stones to send her back just to stop her whining 🙂

    Nonetheless, thanks for this post because it serves as a reminder for me to clear any other serious Sunday night obligations – laundry, lunches, nails, homework and make time for one of my first true loves – Sunday night at 10pm I know where I’ll be – I’m ready too!!

  2. Thanks Annik! I’m glad to hear that you are ready for tomorrow’s big event as I don’t think you’ll be disappointed 🙂 Can’t wait to discuss everyone’s reaction afterwards!

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