And Now for Something Completely Different – Multi-Genre Anthology Contest

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Logo‘Backstrip Publishing’ is the product of the need for helping independent authors get their voices heard. A need for wholesome and clean books was the precursor for creating a new platform to launch aspiring and seasoned authors into the literary world.

Marcy Rachel started as a book cover designer, focused on independent authors, back in 2011. Her desire to help authors and their constant support made her expand her services to other graphic designs, interior book formatting, and web developing. Her determination and willingness to help others impulsed her to create ‘Backstrip Publishing.’ Marcy and her team are eager to work closely with authors by being that reinforcement they need, and more.

We believe that awesome stories should be presented the same way. Independent authors want their books to have the best cover, to have flawless editing, and they also need to market their books on top of all the plotting and writing. You as an author should not have to lose sleep over these things, especially because you don’t have the resources. At BP we will take care of you so you can have more free time to write and put most of your energy on your stories…and consequently into the hands of your fans.

About the Anthology

Anthology Title: ‘The Box in the Attic’

PROMPT: The main character is cleaning an attic (writer decides who’s attic). They find a small box with an item that will change everything.

Basic Rules:

  • Only one submission per person.
  • A submission fee of $5.00 is required and payable through PayPal upon submission.
  • The writing prompt is given as a guideline. You decide where in the story this scene takes place.
  • Authors will have a 3-month period to write their story and submit it.

What you will do:

The authors get a writing prompt to base their story on for this anthology. You decide the characters’ names, age, gender, etc. You also decide what genre(s) you want to write. The whole concept of this exercise is that the common aspect among the stories is the prompt — the scene finding that important item in the box located in the attic.

Consequently, this is a multi-genre Anthology. It will be fun to see how different authors have a different take on the same prompt.

For further information or to register for the Anthology, please visit:




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