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Beckoning Blood Banner 450 x 169

  • Title: Beckoning Blood
  • Author: Daniel de Lorne
  • ISBN: 9780857991553
  • Series: Stand Alone
  • Published: May 1st 2014 by Escape Publishing
  • Format: eARC
  • Genre: Paranormal gay m/m romance
  • Word Count: 82,000
  • Source: Publisher

Beckoning Blood Cover 1000Book Description: A gripping, blood‐drenched saga about twin brothers, the men they love, and the enduring truth that true love never dies — no matter how many times you kill it.

Thierry d’Arjou has but one escape from the daily misery of his work at a medieval abattoir — Etienne de Balthas. But keeping their love a secret triggers a bloody chain of events that condemns Thierry to a monstrous immortality. Thierry quickly learns that to survive his timeless exile, he must hide his sensitive heart from the man who both eases and ensures his loneliness…his twin brother.

Shaped by the fists of a brutal father, Olivier d’Arjou cares for only two things: his own pleasure and his twin. But their sadistic path through centuries is littered with old rivals and new foes, and Olivier must fight for what is rightfully his – Thierry, made immortal just for him.

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PD: Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

DL: Beware of hot vampires? No, not really. I’m happy for people to come up with their own meanings from the book. There are plenty of themes that I think run through it – like the bonds of family, obsession versus love, or the weak versus the strong – but as long as readers feel something for a character, I’m happy.

PD: If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?

DL: I haven’t yet completed the second (and potentially the third) book so I might get to a point where I wish I hadn’t written something in the first one. But that’s all part of the fun with writing, trying to make things fit believably.

PD: What are your ambitions for your writing career?

DL: I want to be a best-seller within the m/m genre. It’s not going to happen overnight but one day it will happen. That means writing a lot more books. I’d like to hit the twenty-book mark as a minimum, too.

PD: Which writers inspire you?

DL: Robert Jordan, Katherine Kerr and Anne Rice – all for their world building and their sagas.

PD: What have you written?

DL: Beckoning Blood is my debut novel. I’ve written three other drafts for books so far. I’ve also written a few short stories but nothing that’s been published. I’ve also written some song lyrics for a friend’s opera. That was fun.

PD: What are you working on at the minute and what’s it about?

DL: I’m on a bit of a break while Beckoning Blood is doing the rounds and soon I’ll get back onto the sequel. The first draft is done but I’ve had time to think about it and it looks like I’ll have to rewrite the whole thing. I’m ok with that as I like this new idea better.

PD: What genre are your books?

DL: Paranormal and fantasy with m/m romantic elements.

PD: What draws you to this genre?

DL: I love creating other worlds and creatures, taking us out of the ordinariness of everyday life. And, being gay, I’d prefer to read about gay characters (or men who love men).

PD: How much research do you do?

DL: Enough for authenticity. There’s a real danger in doing a load of research and getting so excited about it all that you try to put everything into the book. The result ends up being a textbook that no one enjoys. I’ll pick a few elements that I really want to ring true and focus on them. The rest I’ll make up or embellish to work in my favour. That’s probably why I’ll never write Regency. The attention to detail needs to be so exact, whereas I’d rather focus on the characters and how much trauma I can put them through.

PD: Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea takes you?

DL: I start with a basic idea of characters and plot but then, when I sit down, I let it flow. Often things will pop up and take me along a certain route and I’ll just go with it. If I had an outline, I’d quickly lose interest because it’s like giving away the ending.

PD: Do you think that the cover plays an important part in the buying process?

DL: Absolutely. And I’m so happy with the cover I’ve been given. They say “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but everybody does it. If a cover isn’t attractive, I’m unlikely to want to pick it up. If there’s some element that intrigues me (perhaps the title or it’s come recommended), I might overlook the cover and then move onto the blurb (which better be good enough to make me want to buy it).

PD: What are your thoughts on good/bad reviews?

DL: Good reviews help your book sales. Bad reviews may harm them. As a reader, I’ll use reviews to choose what book I read next (failing getting a recommendation from a friend). Unfortunately, not all reviewers are the same and not every reviewer is going to like what I like. So in a lot of ways you need to take them with a pinch of salt.

PD: What do you think of “trailers” for books?

DL: Before I started writing and trying to get published, I’d never heard of book trailers. If an author has one, great, but I can’t say I’ve ever watched one, other than for doing research on whether I’d do one. They might work for some people. I’d like to make one for my book but I worry I’d never create anything that matches the vision I have in my head and a crap trailer is worse than no trailer at all. I can also imagine I’d lose a lot of time putting one together when I should be writing.

PD: How can readers discover more about you and you work?



This creature had sentenced him to a lifetime without Thierry. He groped for any scrap of his brother that remained, but he was empty. With each passing minute, strength galloped through his limbs. It hardened him, but without his twin he would always be weak.

Olivier helped him stand. ‘Why did you do this to me?’

‘I’ve already told you. I saw you in the forest with that other male. I had to have you for myself.’

Olivier sneered. Look how the mighty crumbled under the weight of loneliness. ‘That was Thierry, my brother.’

The vampire growled and lashed out at Olivier, but he just let him go. Still weak from Olivier’s excess, the Blood Hunter slumped to the ground in a shameful heap. Olivier’s heightened mind was already working faster. Better. Honed for survival. And the sting of Thierry’s absence was even keener. If he was going to live eternally, he certainly wasn’t going to do it with a pot-bellied, greasy-skinned eunuch.

‘But it’s fine. You can have both of us.’ Olivier knelt down, moved close to his ear and murmured hotly, ‘We’re twins.’

He flicked the yellowed ear with his tongue, kissed along his pudgy neck and around to his mouth. He paused and looked into those golden eyes, wondering what colour his own would now be. Would they be this otherworldly? Someone could go mad for those eyes.

‘Imagine the possibilities.’

He kissed him, and rocked his hips against the slowly increasing feel of the Blood Hunter’s choked erection.

‘But there’s something we have to do first.’

Beckoning Blood Copyright © 2014 by Daniel de Lorne Permission to reproduce text granted by Harlequin Books S.A.


If not for the compelling cover, then Beckoning Blood must be read simply for originality`s sake. In twenty seven plus years of reading anything and everything I will say that this is the first time that I have come across twin homosexual vampires. Beckoning Blood could have easily sprung from the unlikely union of vintage Stephen King, Anne Rice with a dash of Victoria Holt thrown in for interest`s sake.

Much like Romulus and Rebus, Thierry and Olivier are two halves of a whole. Thierry is the good twin, the one who has borne punishment time and again for the misdeeds of a twin whom he loves and despises in equal measure. Olivier adores his twin and is not willing to share Thierry with anyone even his lover Etienne. When he is changed into a creature of the night, he offers his twin to the monster double crossing him as soon as he is assured of eternity with the only one Olivier truly loves Thierry.

Deprived of his sole mate Thierry is resigned to innumerable soulless years until at a house party he meets a man so like his lost Etienne he has no choice but to pursue him at any cost. Though decades have passed Olivier is equally determined that his twin will remain only his.

I enjoyed Beckoning Blood, in a genre glutted with copycats this inventive storyline was a refreshing change of pace. It is particularly challenging to make the tortured vampire anything more than a caricature these days yet Daniel de Lorne has achieved this in spades. Daniel`s writing is visceral, yet spare making Beckoning Blood an easy book to devour. I am looking forward to reading more by this talented author.


Daniel-de-Lorne1Daniel de Lorne writes mostly about the loves and trials of hot and sexy paranormal men – and creatures.

He grew up in Perth, Western Australia, and developed a fascination for the mythical and magical early on. Daniel wrote stories from a young age but it was high school biology class he remembers fondly as providing an excellent cover for writing stories that were filled with teen angst and fantastical creatures.

From there it was just a short jump to creative writing in university, where Daniel really indulged his love for the gothic, particularly the vampiric. And plenty of essays on the topic gave it all an air of respectability.

After university he used his skills for good. He wrote about wildlife conservation for eight years before taking a break to explore Canada with his partner. It was while in this great northern frontier that Escape Publishing accepted his first book, Beckoning Blood, for publication.



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