Off the Record (Record #1) – K. A. Linde

The hardest thing about any political campaign is how to win without proving that you are unworthy of winning. ~Adlai Stevenson

  • OffTheRecord-coverTitle: Off the Record
  • Author: K.A. Linde
  • ISBN 0345813960 (ISBN13: 9780345813961)
  • Series: Record #1
  • Published: March 11th 2014 by Montlake Romance
  • Format: eBook
  • Genre/s: N/A Contemporary Romance
  • Print Length: 445 pages
  • Source: Purchased
  • Rating: B+

Politics is sexy, this may sound incongruous coming from someone who dropped poly-sci at the first opportunity but what can I say tort law had my heart from the beginning. Off the Record has it all, strong, intelligent, dynamic characters, sizzling chemistry, where secrets and lies abound.

Despite her long standing crush on her mentor Hayden Lane, Liz Dougherty is electrified by her first sight of state senator Brady Maxwell. Albeit his seeming disregard of the importance of scholarship programs for underprivileged students puts them on opposite sides of the political battlefield. After a lifetime of grooming for this campaign, being taken to task by a college reporter is a novel experience for the senator. He can’t resist sending her a drink that evening, starting a flirtation that could destroy both their careers before they have even begun.

Her first big reporting assignment for her North Carolina college newspaper has her covering a state senator’s impromptu press conference. Brady Maxwell may have everything it takes to be a politician—a winning pedigree, devastating good looks, a body made to wear suits—but his politics rub Liz the wrong way.

Sleek, sexy, and smart, Off the Record ventures into a high-stakes campaign and an even higher-stakes affair to answer the question: When politics and love collide, can there ever be a winner?

I found Off the Record to be a sophisticated N/A that was blessedly angst-free, K.A. Linde has written an entertaining story that is compulsively readable. Once you turn the final page be prepared to want to immediately start the follow up On the Record. I will be biding my time before it’s August release catching up on the rest of this engaging author’s work.

KALK.A. Linde is the bestselling independent author of the Avoiding series, Off the Record, and Following Me.  As a military brat, she traveled the world with her family, imaginary friends, and ever-increasing supply of books.  She has spent much of her life dreaming up new worlds and characters and forcing them into awkward, usually life-threatening scenarios.





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