Bitten – The TV Series “Showdown at the O.K. Corral”


GUEST REVIEWER – teachergirl73

Stonehaven. All roads have finally lead back to here.  As the last few episodes have unfolded, it is clear that this season will wrap up in a fight to the death for the Pack on their home turf. As we rapidly approach the final episode of Bitten, which airs Saturday on Space in Canada, I realized that I’ve really come to enjoy the show in its own right.


bitten__130917194843Bitten, the novel, is in my top five all-time favourite books and the show has diverged from the original story in so many ways that I wasn’t entirely convinced that I could get past it. The show has improved in its character development and plot line so that the story has become more engaging for its viewers. I think that for anyone who hasn’t read the book, or is less committed to the original storyline, would find the changes have helped to hook viewers and ultimately keep them coming back each week. For those who consider themselves die-hard fans of the novel, the decision to accept the changes might be more difficult. For me, there has been enough of the original storyline intertwined with the new that I consider myself “hooked”.  If you fall into the second category of viewers, then the real question is, can you find a happy medium that allows you to get past the changes? If the answer is yes, then you just might find yourself tuning in too.

The final episode should be entertaining as Clay, Elena, Jeremy and Nick find themselves forced to defend the homestead. A wounded Logan has disappeared with his pregnant girlfriend, on the run for fear of what actions Jeremy will demand of him if he stays. The real leader of the Mutts, James Williams, is about to make himself known. Williams, who has been posing as Philip’s big client and whose ad campaign included the video footage of Elena and Logan running in a downtown Toronto park, was also coincidently the same wealthy art patron who arranged for Elena’s first art show. The real motive behind the show was to provide an opportunity to send in Victor Olsen, Elena’s childhood abuser, to rattle her cage and set events in motion that left both Philip and Clay fighting for their lives. Who will survive the final showdown? We know now that no one is really safe, well maybe the exception are Clay and Elena,  but my guess is that everyone else is pretty expendable. The show’s writers have definitely been making up their own playbook as they go along. I am looking forward to the conclusion of Season One and certainly hope that the show gets renewed.



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