Bitten – The TV Series, Episode 8


GUEST REVIEWER – teachergirl73

This episode opens with the realization that Jeremy has been poisoned as Elena and him realize that the knife used to stab him had been dipped in a toxin.  Elena goes in search of the mutts to find out what poison was used on Jeremy, while Clay makes a plan to question Zachary Cain who is locked up in the cage. ep8Nick has left Stonehaven to begin the business of erasing his father’s existence in the human world and to reassure the other Pack families that Jeremy is still in control, despite the losses that they have faced. We also see Nick begin to assert himself as someone to be taken more seriously, rather than the rich playboy that we have seen up to this point.

Back at Stonehaven, Clay offers Cain the opportunity to join the pack even though he was involved in Pete and Antonio’s murders. Clay reveals how he became a werewolf to Cain, how he was bitten as a child and saved by Jeremy, as a way of inviting him to the pack and offering him connections and stability instead of a life of living on the run in isolation.

bitten-episode-1x07-sylvie-philipIn Toronto, an interesting development occurs as Philip and his ex-girlfriend are looking at the wolf footage of Elena and Logan running in a downtown park at night. The video captured Elena’s clothing piled on the ground with a pendant clearly visible. Philip is clearly disturbed by this, as he recognizes it as a necklace that he had given to Elena. Conveniently, Philip’s ex-girlfriend takes this moment to start to ask questions about the strength of his relationship with Elena. Later on, Philip calls Elena and begins to question her about the time that she spends with Logan. Elena clearly finds the conversation strange, but given that she is desperately searching for whatever poisoned Jeremy, she can’t give him much time.

Elena tracks down Cain’s girlfriend at the diner, and discovers that Amber knows all about the werewolves and that she wants to be like Elena. Elena tries to explain to Amber that being a werewolf is the last thing she would want, when Leblanc and Marsten walk into the diner. Meanwhile, back at Stonehaven, the sheriff shows up and asks Clay to come down to the police station for questioning about the murder of a local man. Clay had been seen arguing with the man just prior to his disappearance.

In the novel, we see how unnerved Elena really is by Leblanc because he is a serial killer who preys on women. Elena knows all about his previous crimes because she found his scrapbook which contained mementoes taken from his victims. Despite her fear, she manages to exhibit her dominance over him, leaving him with a broken wrist. In the show, Leblanc still leaves with a broken wrist, but we don’t really get to see how much he frightens Elena and in the book this fear is important foreshadowing of events to come.

Elena returns to Stonehaven with the name of the poison and is able to save Jeremy. When Clay returns from being questioned by the police, Elena and him argue after he finds out that she had a meeting with Leblanc and Marsten on her own. Elena is still reeling from the knowledge that Cain has been protecting his girlfriend all along, not the other mutts, and that despite Amber’s desire to become a werewolf, Cain refused to bite her for fear of her dying. Elena demands to know why Clay never cared enough about her to want to protect her from the risks of being bitten? Then, to throw some more salt into the wound, Elena declares that what Cain and Amber have is real love and that clearly that is not what her and Clay shared.

Clay’s response to Elena’s accusations is to get down to the business of breaking Cain. It is during this scene that there is a very significant departure from the novel. In the book, we learn that when Clay is in ‘enforcer’ mode, his techniques were “completely methodical, showing no emotion at all.”1. Yet in this episode, Clay and Cain have a very emotional moment where they talk about the fantasy of settling down and having kids, creating a family with the women that they love which was something that neither man had considered before. After, finishing off Cain, Clay makes it clear to Elena that what they share is definitely “the real thing”, and regardless of how they got there, it is now up to Elena to decide whether or not she can accept it.

As I watch each new episode, I find myself more and more curious about what the writers have chosen to keep from the original storyline and what new twists they decide to add. Ultimately, I do believe that show’s plotline is staying true to the struggles that Clay and Elena face with their relationship, even if the show’s writers use different obstacles to create the angst. I’m also very interested in what the show has planned for Philip, now that they have set him on a very different path from the one he follows in the book.

1. Armstrong, K., Bitten.  (Toronto: Plume, a division of The Penguin Group, 2003), p.224


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