Contributor Biography – UNKNOWN

headshot---cropped_vert-b425b9d3553d0de2a586b5fb27743ab809088051-s6-c30Of the upcoming guest reviewers, “he” is a man about which little is known, shrouded in mystery, he could be your father, brother or even your own husband…well that is unlikely but you just never know these days. Johnathan Goldsmith has credited this man with teaching him all he knows about being the “Most Interesting Man in the World” and it is not only possible but likely that he knows where Jimmy Hoffa is and gave Deep Throat, Woodward and Burnstein’s contact information.
A few things are certain:
1) He served briefly as a playboy archaeologist in Kyrblakeistan
2) He has a 12th degree black belt in karate (pronounced ka-ra-tay)
3) He spearheaded the Hunt for Red October (Alec Baldwin’s characters in both the movie and 30 Rock were based on him)
4) Named 2014 People magazine’s Sexiest Man in Western Intelligence Classified edition
Rolex-GMT-Master-II_3Look for this watch and the man who is wearing it is likely “Contributor Unknown” or possibly J.P. Prewitt of Zoolander fame. Regardless of his identity you can enjoy his sage words about Nonofficial Asset in his upcoming review I know I did.

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