Bitten – The TV Series, Episode 7


GUEST REVIEWER – teachergirl73

This episode is definitely a turning point for the TV series Bitten. The writers for the show have completely changed the framework of the story as they eliminated another Pack member this week, one who in the book survives far beyond the first novel. For the die-hard fans of the novel, I think that the divergence from the original story that takes place in this episode might be just too much for them to handle.

DSIn this episode, the Pack are contacted by Daniel Santos again, requesting a meet in neutral territory to discuss territorial rights. As the Pack prepares to meet, Clay and Elena go to the agreed upon meeting site to check it out. While there, they realize that they aren’t the only werewolves there, as Zachary Cain tries to ambush them. This is all a ploy to keep Clay and Elena away from the real threat. Jeremy and Antonio are ambushed on the road by Cain’s girlfriend, Thomas LeBlanc and Daniel Santos. Santos uses Cain’s girlfriend as bait to lure Jeremy and Antonio out of the car at the scene of an accident.  Suddenly, Jeremy and Antonio find themselves in the middle of a knife fight with two mutts. Both men are badly injured, however, Antonio’s injuries prove fatal. This is just one example from this episode of how the show has completely deviated from the book.

bitten-episode-1x06-loganAnother significant change to the storyline is that Logan’s girlfriend is pregnant, and they are forced to start to deal with all the implications that go along with it. Logan begins to make promises that he knows he won’t be able to keep, like that he will never leave her. When Elena calls Logan to tell him about the death of Antonio, Logan ignores the call. Eventually, Jeremy gets through to Logan, but he makes no mention of the baby to Jeremy. Logan cannot avoid the Pack forever, so it will be interesting to see how long he can manage to stay put in Toronto with his pregnant girlfriend before someone comes looking for him.


The final example of how the show’s writers are striking out on their own, is back in Toronto, Philip seeks out help from a techy ex-girlfriend. He asks her to help him locate video footage of two wolves running and hunting in a downtown Toronto park. He wants to track down the person who shot the film so that he can purchase the rights for an ad campaign that he is working on. It is clear that Philip’s ex-girlfriend wants him back, but he rejects her advances as he tries to explain that he in a relationship with Elena.  What Philip doesn’t realize is that the film footage is of Elena and Logan running.  He has unknowingly put himself in danger by pursuing the video and ironically, it would be Elena’s job in the Pack to deal with Philip. If you recall, back in Episode 1, the event that caused Elena to leave the Pack was her personal decision to kill a man trying to “out” the werewolves to the human world. Her decision to kill was based on the fact that it was her responsibility to ensure that information never became public. How will Elena and the Pack deal with this new development?


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