Archetype – M.D. Waters

  • Archetype_FinalTitle: Archetype
  • Author: M.D. Waters
  • ISBN: 0525954236 (ISBN13: 9780525954231)
  • Series: Archetype #1
  • Published: February 6th 2014 by Dutton Adult
  • Format: eBook
  • Genre/s: Sci-fi/Dystopian
  • Source: Netgalley
  • Rating: A
I love science fiction, books, movies what have you…and upon reading the description of Archetype I knew it would be the type of Twilight Zonesque tale that I can’t get enough of. Believe me when I tell you, M.D. Waters tale of a woman’s quest to find her rightful place in a world she does not remember did not disappoint.
Emma wakes in a hospital, with no memory of what came before. Her husband, Declan, a powerful, seductive man, provides her with new memories, but her dreams contradict his stories showing her a past life she can’t believe possible: memories of war, of a camp where girls are trained to be wives, of love for another man. Something inside her tells her not to speak of this but she does not know why. She only knows she is at war with herself.
The duality of Emma’s internal monologue reminded me strongly of Stephenie Meyer’s lesser known but far superior work The Host, (the book, NOT the film) yet it was completely original. Which is no mean feat in this dystopian flooded marketplace. While Emma does not actually have a two separate consciousnesses struggling for supremacy as in the above mentioned story, she is in turns suspicious of the world she is presented with and beguiled by the man, her husband she is told and by extension the life he offers of whom she has no memory. Her conflict is further exacerbated by the fleeting images she has of another life with another man.
Suppressing those dreams during her daylight hours, Emma lets Declan mold her into a happily married woman, and begins to fall in love with him. But the day Noah stands before her, the line between her reality and dreams shatters.
In a future where women are a rare commodity, Emma fights for freedom but is held captive by the love of two men—one her husband, the other her worst enemy. If only she could remember which is which…
First and foremost Archetype is a mystery, a tangled web of deceptions of which Emma is an unwilling but extremely sought after pawn. Sterility is rampant and female births are rare, fertile women are trained and sold to the highest bidder. The main question being was Declan that bidder, Archetype is an excellent dystopian, the environment of sterile menace is properly chilling with all the trademarks of the best speculative fiction, an intriguing heroine and an equally appealing love interest with enough twists and turns plot-wise to leave the reader on tenterhooks waiting for the July release of the conclusion Prototype.
M.D. Waters_cropped_credit Crystal BinghamM.D. Waters lives in Maryland with her husband and two boys. She is a closet Housewives watcher, a wannabe goth-surfer with a side of nunchuck skills, and writes in her pj’s.
Oh, and she tweets too much.
Disclaimer: ARC was kindly provided by the publisher for an honest review.

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