Covert Assignment (Covert #1) – Missy Marciassa


Elle is ready for graduation and full-fledged adulthood: no more living like the leftover of her parent’s divorce. She’s about to graduate with her degree in Information Science (the 21st century term for Library Science) and has a ten-year plan as well-designed as any model for analyzing metadata: earn her JD/MBA, enjoy a couple of years as a single professional, then marry her college sweetheart, Adam, and start her own family.

Eleanor Paquet returns from a less than satisfying holiday with her mother and stepfather to photos of her boyfriend with his lab partner in flagrante delicto. This not the last of the shocking news awaiting Elle, her lab assignment collecting and analyzing gaming data has in fact been part of a covert operation for the CIA.

CIA recruiters show up on campus, and they aren’t just interested in recruiting Elle for future employment: turns out she’s already working for them since they’re funding her thesis. Hot operative Preston Raddick is tasked to work with her. Preston isn’t just hot: he’s hot for Elle, but is he offering happy ever after or happy for right now? A fling with Preston could be the beginning of a new life plan, which is exciting and scary, especially with espionage thrown in. Elle needs a predictive model to tell her which decisions have the greater likelihood for happiness…

Preston Raddick, the field agent assigned to the op is way out of her league or is he? Before long Elle is fielding the attention of her quasi ex-boyfriend and her very attractive CIA liaison. Elle isn’t prepared to abandon her life plan i.e. marriage and children with the unreliable Adam regardless of the opinions of her friends nor is she able to fully commit to him either. Elle is faced with the difficult decision of picking the life she has had laid out for her or taking the road less traveled.

CA2In the days before he hit the big time as the director of feature films like Star Trek and Mission Impossible J.J. Abrams created the award winning television series Alias. Covert Assignment by Missy Marciassa could easily pass as Sydney Bristow‘s story before she came to work for the CIA. Like the character played by Jennifer Garner, over the course of the story Elle is transformed from graduate student to an adult making adult choices and living with the consequences of those actions. Covert Assignment was a light and entertaining beginning to a series and I am looking forward to seeing what is next for Elle in Covert Interview.

AUTHOR: Missy Marciassa

RATING: 3 1/2 Stars

GENRE: New Adult/Romance

Disclaimer: ARC was kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 


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