To Blog Or Not To Blog – More Literary Musings

A little over a year ago I was watching an episode of House Hunters and I remember scoffing when I noted that one of the people searching for a home stated that their occupation was “Blogger“. This is a perfect example of blatant unforgivable ignorance on my part nowadays I could only wish that I could devote myself to my blog full time.

I have always loved to write but sadly had no stories to tell, still don’t, but I have plenty of opinions probably more than I should. The solution was obvious “start a blog” but that alas was not my idea either. A close friend of mine is an aspiring author, fabulously talented but somehow, incomprehensible to me, unpublished. It is at her feet I lay the blame for this literary experiment, perhaps she suggested that I start a blog because misery really does love company and by blogging that is the closest approximation I can make to her situation?

It was hard to relate to my friend’s despondency over a rejection letter that is until the first time an application I made for an ARC I wanted to read and review was turned down. Honestly, how I felt after that first “thanks but no thanks” email was much like that episode of The Bachelor on the first night when they cut ten or more women and invariably the departure interview features one or more blubbering about missing their chance at true love with a man they have known LESS THAN TWENTY-FOUR HOURS! Yes, it’s ridiculous but in truth it is the rejection that stings the most, or at least that is what I reassure myself when watching, as if they are expecting a true everlasting love from a television show our issues as a society are bigger than I thought.

I have a talent for “underestimation” and literally woke up one day last May and thought to myself that my friend was right and if her 72 year old father could author a blog I could too. It was really only an extension of what I have been doing verbally for years just on a larger scale, read, discuss and GO! Now in reality deciding what to write and then constructing the blog itself took much longer than the original weekend I estimated. See my above comment about underestimation.

Although I mock her for it I have greatly enjoyed my position as the sacrificial “canary” to her bibliophilic “coal mine”. Though not precisely a book snob per se I have very particular and specific reading preferences, the challenge was articulating those tastes. Nowadays she claims to be unable to take the risk of reading a book that I have not vetted first. However I may doubt the veracity of that statement it’s the thought that ultimately counts. In the meantime, if you happen to figure out a way that I can jettison my full time gig so I can be snickered at by other unaware 40 somethings (like I used to be) who have no idea what blogging entails please let me know.


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