Love Vs. Blood – R.L. Smith

Love Vs. Blood CoverEthan Burke only has eyes for Emily, the problem?  She’s human and he’s a vampire.  He watches over her, trying to protect her until one night she vanishes.  Kidnapped by a Master Vampire who killed his parents years ago.  Ethan believes the Master is using Emily to lure him to his lair, convinced he only wants to finish the Burke family off. Ethan seeks the help of Devin Riley, the vampire which took him in as his own.  Together they set off to find Emily, only Ethan gets a surprise.  After finding Emily, he sees his mother for the first time, she’s not dead but one of the undead.  Forced with making a decision, will Ethan choose to save the mother he’s never known or the girl he’s just met?


About The Author: I was born in Baltimore, MD and came to WV with my parents when I was a small child. I have two grown children. When I’m not writing, I enjoy reading and crocheting. I currently live in Southern WV with my three dogs.

Contact: R.L. Smith @


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