Own the Wind (Chaos #1) – Kristen Ashley

Own-The-Wind2Lions, tigers and bears, OH MY… wait that’s not quite right nowadays it’s “tattoo artists, bikers and rock gods” but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it. For some reason I didn’t expect to like Own the Wind, I know that must seem like a somewhat strange statement because then you would be thinking “why did you read it then?” Well the reason is two fold, first I read another biker book this summer called Reaper’s Property and despite the fact that I haven’t figured out how I want to structure it on the blog yet I would like to establish read and review pairings to illustrate who did it best, a little like those features you see in the magazines with the stars wearing the same dress and a panel votes who wore it best, and second I was intrigued by the synopsis.

Tabitha Allen grew up in the thick of Chaos-the Chaos Motorcycle Club, that is. Her father is Chaos’ leader, and the club has always had her back. But one rider was different from the start. When Tabby was running wild, Shy Cage was there. When tragedy tore her life apart, he helped her piece it back together. And now, Tabby’s thinking about much more than friendship . . .

Tabby is everything Shy’s ever wanted, but everything he thinks he can’t have. She’s beautiful, smart, and as his friend’s daughter, untouchable. Shy never expected more than friendship, so when Tabby indicates she wants more much more he feels like the luckiest man alive. But even lucky men can crash and burn. .

rock-chickAs I read Own the Wind there was something very familiar about it that I just couldn’t put my finger on until I was gathering details for the review and then I had a eureka moment when I realized I had read Kristen Ashley‘s work before. From the looks of my Goodreads recent update page I may be the only person who wasn’t reading the Rock Chick series this summer but until I get to give up my day job to read (approximately around the time pigs fly) there just hasn’t been enough time.

Motorcycle ManWhile for all intents and purposes I liked Own the Wind as I read it, it seemed that I was picking up the story in progress. It turned out that I was right and that the Chaos series is in fact a spin-off of the Dream Man series and that Tabby’s father’s story was the subject of Motorcycle Man. This irked me somewhat because I hate reading stories out of sequence but I guess in this case I will just have to suck it up and deal.

The story opens with a “Tabby Callout”, code for go fetch the Club President’s 19 year old daughter out of trouble. Parker “Shy” Cage has to crawl out from under not one but two sleeping women to answer and if that isn’t annoying enough there is something about the situation that just doesn’t sit right with him and he lays it out bluntly for Tabby. Letting her know without mincing words what kind of path she is on and what kind of woman that will make her. After which Tabby literally kisses him goodbye for the evening and for the next three years he doesn’t hear from her until she makes her own “Tabby Callout”.

Still reeling from the recent death of her fiance Tabby looks to Shy for undemanding companionship which he readily provides unable to forget their shattering kiss years earlier. Kristen Ashley deftly builds the relationship between Tabby and Shy on a bedrock of mutual respect and friendship. Despite the petty annoyance of having not read Tack and Tyra’s story Kristen Ashley’s depiction of life and love with a proper biker is a fast fun read, which makes me wonder if I am going to have to start watching Sons of Anarchy next to get the proper feel for this new type of hero.

AUTHOR: Kristen Ashley

RATING: 4 Stars

GENRE: Romance


One thought on “Own the Wind (Chaos #1) – Kristen Ashley”

  1. You just made me realize I have this book sitting on my shelf and I still haven’t read it. Now i’m thinking I may need to read the Dream Man series first? Thanks. 🙂

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