Most Wanted – Kady Winter

This month’s Most Wanted spotlight features Kady Winter author of the upcoming Poteet Chronicles. Book One – Golden Apples won the Young Adult category of the Virginia Romance Writers’ 2013 “Fool for Love” Contest.

Golden Apples – In antebellum Missouri, 18-year-old Abby Stafford needs both mystical intervention and her indomitable spirit to break free of her powerful, slave-holding father and melt her frozen heart.

I found this gem on Kady’s website and as this month’s featured author I thought it would be a great piece for review. Subscribe to Kady’s mailing list to get a copy at

Silver Moonlight – Irene, whose family maintains one of the grand hotel resorts in the New Hampshire mountains year-round, reluctantly agrees to help end the misery of her fiance, who suffers shell-shock from the WWI battlefield. But before she will participate in his desperate plan, she makes him agree to skate with her at a patch of ice deep in the forest, which they both remember from their childhoods – a special place where help just might be found.

As children Irene, her brother Dewey and Roy were inseparable, with age that friendship turned to love. Before they could marry, war was declared and Roy and Dewey joined the army, only Roy returned alive but not unharmed.

Now, more than eight months later, she had to face it. The Roy she knew and loved had died in the war, and trying to rebuild a life with the empty shell that had taken his place was killing her, too.

It is a testament to Ms Winter’s talent that within twelve short pages she constructed a story that could transport the reader to another place, in another time, to care about a traumatized soldier and if girl who loves him can save them both.




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