Life Is Like A Romance Novel

Reading the last paragraph of this post honestly made me teary. Scoffing about the existence of “soul-mates” to my beloved husband one day I told him “the miracle isn’t that we found each other, it’s that you keep coming home everyday”. Virginia has obviously discovered it as well and expressed my sentiments exactly.

Virginia Brasch

You know what’s sexy? A romance novel. What strikes me as funny though is just how unlike life a romance novel is.

I refer to all underwear of any gender and style as unders. For example, “I’m going to the store for some new unders and socks. Do you need anything?”

Sometimes I look at my husband across the room with dread slowly choking me. My eyes grow wide with fear and I ask, “You’re going to want dinner tonight aren’t you? I just cooked yesterday. Can we just have some cereal and be done with it?”

Someone told a girlfriend and I that “Marriage is like a sleepover with your best friend that you get to have every night” and my friend and I laughed and laughed. The person that said this is – if you couldn’t tell – single.


My husband has never braided my…

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