Human No Longer – Kathryn Meyer Griffith

HumanNoLonger_MED_zpsb2d65e70As a mother I do not doubt the belief that there is not many things more powerful than our love for our children. The question at the heart of Kathryn Meyer Griffith‘s novel Human No Longer is whether this love is strong enough to conquer the monstrous urges of the vampire.

Jenny and Jeff Sanders become victims of a bizarre crime; leaving Jeff dead and Jenny in a temporary coma. She returns to her children. With Jeff’s death she must move back to her childhood home, a haunted farmhouse, in Summer Haven, Florida, where once they destroyed a family of vampires.
Jenny has no appetite. She’s edgy. Her eyes hurt. She thinks it could be trauma or grief. Until one night she can’t resist the night woods or the overpowering urge to drink warm animals’ blood–and accepts the truth. Her attackers were vampires.
Now she’s becoming what she once reviled. She can’t abandon her children but must find a way to live in the human world. At night she hunts, in the day hides what she’s becoming and attempts to fit in.
Then townspeople begin dying. Like years before. With her blackouts, she fears she may be the killer, or is it her vampire attackers? For they’ve found her and demand she joins them–or her family will die. She resists until they kidnap her children. Then she has to find a way to outwit and ultimately destroy them.

Vampire bloodEven though the novel has elements of horror it is more of a thriller and these vampires are not your brooding, sexy, misunderstood ones that we have become accustomed to in the media. I enjoyed this story despite Jenny’s severe case of denial, perplexing considering her former dealings with undead creatures. Although this story can be read as a stand alone it is connected to Vampire Blood, which details Jenny’s first encounter with vampires and for those who like to read the whole story I would recommend it. For those who like a good old fashioned vampire story Human No Longer is the book for you.

AUTHOR: Kathryn Meyer Griffith

RATING: 3 1/2 Stars

GENRE: Horror Fiction

* Note – The reviewer was provided with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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