Flat Out Love – Jessica Park

Why I Flat Out Love Jessica Park

I feel like I should be wearing a Neitzsche is my Homeboy t-shirt as I write this review. Why, you may ask? Well you will have to read the book to find out. I have read Jessica Park’s Flat Out Love about four or five times since it’s publication in April 2011 and it is one of those rare books that improves each time you read it. It is a very misleading story, the cover and even the tone of the writing initially seem whimsical. A friend who read it recently asked me “why I didn’t warn her” quite simply it is a book that you just have to experience for yourself.

It’s not about a secret, it’s about a journey…

Julie has just found out first hand why you should never rent an apartment through Craig’s List. When she arrives in Boston ready to commence her college career instead of the 1 bedroom walk up agreed upon she finds a burrito stand instead. This might not be catastrophic under other circumstances but in a college town in August…

Coincidentally, Julie’s mother’s college roommate lives in Boston and after a panicked phone call she sends her son Matt to rescue Julie from the mean streets. It doesn’t take Julie long to realize that something is amiss in the Watkins household. Granted as the children of two professors dinnertime conversation is closer to a review of the global political climate than what happened on Jersey Shore last night but Celeste’s, the Watkins’ 13 year old daughter, attachment to a life size cutout of her older brother Finn is more than a bit eccentric.

Finn’s absence and Matt’s demanding schedule as a student at MIT make Julie’s continued residence with the Watkins family and companion to Celeste a natural progression. What is more unexpected is the relationship that develops between Finn the eldest Watkins son and Julie via Facebook.

Flat Out Love Series


As I stated above there is no point in reading Flat Out Matt unless you have read Flat Out Love. Rather than a complete story it is a number of chapters taken from Flat Out Love and reinterpreted from Matt’s POV. Be advised that there are a couple of prologue type scenes that spoil the twist ending of FOL. For those of us who couldn’t get enough of Flat Out Love (pretty much everyone) and Matt too this is a welcome addition. I can only hope that upcoming revised edition of Flat Out Love incorporates Flat Out Matt and more. Regardless I am sure I will reread them both.

Jessica Park has taken a simple coming of age story and reinterpreted it in such a manner as anyone, even those of us who fell in love for the first time decades ago can relate and journey along with Julie to her HEA. She is truly a gifted writer and I am anxiously looking forward to her upcoming work.

AUTHOR: Jessica Park

RATING: 5  Stars

GENRE: Fiction


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