Beauty and the Billionaire (Billionaire Boys Club #2) – Jessica Clare

There had to be a way to get in contact with her. Spend time with her without arousing her suspicions. He simply wanted to be around her. To have a conversation with her. To enjoy her presence.

So begins this retelling of the classic Beauty and the Beast tale Beauty and the Billionaire by Jessica Clare, Gretchen Petty is a starving artist or ghost writer more specifically. For Hunter Buchanan having billions makes it easy to not only obtain a publishing house but also to have period specific letters found to have ghost written in an “Anne Frank meets The Notebook” type piece under the provision that the writer stays on the premises for the duration of one month. Though Beauty and the Billionaire bears only a passing resemblance original tale Clare has roses are portrayed significantly throughout the story as a nod to the classic eighteenth century fairy tale.

“Life’s not fair,” Gretchen said in a cheerfully acerbic voice. “I’d rather have a man who isn’t in  love with his own reflection than one who needs hair product or designer labels.”

Hearing these words galvanize Hunter, the most reclusive of the Billionaire Boys Club. Due to his scarred appearance, he is isolated even from his closest friends but is determined to bring Gretchen into his sphere. Ms. Clare builds on the foundation she created in Stranded With a Billionaire revisiting the characters she has introduced us to prior, yet symbolically marooning her couple this time in Hunter’s castle-like manor home.

I enjoyed this novel in some ways more than Stranded With a Billionaire, Gretchen’s character speaks before she thinks, is blunt but likably so. Her pragmatic nature made her easier to identify with than Stranded’s Bronte whose reactions to Logan’s money strained the bounds of credibility at times. The tone of the story had a more serious mien almost a reflection of the hero making the result a less fluffy product than the first. Not quite the escapist romp of the Stranded, Jessica Clare’s second Billionaire Boys Club novel is an entertaining read, neatly setting the reader up anticipating how Gretchen’s sister and Logan Hawking’s long suffering assistant Audrey will fare against the next Billionaire Boys Club member to try his hand at love in October’s The Wrong Billionaire’s Bed.

AUTHOR: Jessica Clare

RATING: 4  Stars

GENRE: Fiction


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