TBR Book Mug

My TBR pile is out of control somewhere in the neighborhood of 454 books give or take. I love this idea it’s so pretty and making my own TBR management system would allow me valuable procrastination time, finding the right container, listing and printing the selections on the right paper in exactly the right font. However despite the appeal of this plan ultimately I am very much a reader who makes selections based on the side of the bed I woke up on that morning, the barometric pressure, my commute and the thoughtful advice of the cat, all of which I then disregard and read what I want. If I abandon this arbitrary yet finely balanced system I often feel very downtrodden and persecuted if I am not reading exactly the “right” book at the time.


2 thoughts on “TBR Book Mug”

  1. 454, wow! Sometimes I’m just not in the mood for a particular book, so I expect some cheating will be involved, but I’m also hoping to end up reading books I may have forgotten about because they’re stuck three rows back!

    1. I know I am beyond help, I think avid readers often have hoarding tendencies. The problem with e-books is that they are often out of sight out of mind. I wish there was an option that flashed the synopsis when you clicked on it. I imagine there probably is a function like that but I just haven’t enabled it. Regardless I loved the post.

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