New Adult – The Quarter Life Crisis in Book Form?

The emergence of a new market is a fascinating thing to observe, before my book coma (see blog posting “Book Injuries”) I felt that I had read everything good. Then not unlike the film 28 Days Later I woke up to a whole new reading world. This genre coined “New Adult” actually fulfills the desires of many adults, myself included, who enjoyed the styling of YA literature  yet missed the maturity – okay, the sex.  Now suddenly my TBR list has expanded to unmanageable proportions, which lends credence to the term “feast or famine”.

Keep in mind that this emerging genre is not without controversy as a large number of the books coined “New Adult” have a strong romantic theme and some romance novel “purists” take issue with these books being “lumped” in with traditional romance novels. These books while not adhering to the

Romance Stories of True Love No 50 Harvey, 1958 SA

traditional “bodice ripper” of ((H (Hero) + H (Heroine)) + (C (conflict – personal/love) + PG (personal growth)) = HEA have trademark characteristics all their own. However fascinating it is to explore a new genre I believe one can easily overdose on so much post teen angst and be warned these stories are filled with it. There are bad boys a plenty waiting to be reformed, a creature as mythical as the unicorn in my opinion, this being said for all the Sawyer and Dylan fans out there these books are for you but be ready with a box of tissue as the melodrama is off the charts.  If this only whets your appetite for more check out the listing on Goodreads referenced below. Meanwhile I am in recovery from a recent New Adult book binge and will entertain myself with Stranded With a Billionaire until I am prepared to return to churning waters of 20 somethings in love, despair or both.


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