Self Publish or Perish?

There is a method in my madness… which madness you might ask as some might say I do lots of maddening things but in this case I refer to the creation of this blog. Like all things it has evolved from its original purpose and it isn’t even a month old. One of my closest friends is an author, Auralee Wallace and to a self professed book nerd that is so very cool. What is unbelievable to me is that no one has discovered her yet. I am one of a very few people who has had the very great privilege of reading her work in particular her latest book Sidekick. One might think that I am just saying that because I am a loyal friend but being such a picky reader I literally could not profess to like a book that I did not genuinely appreciate. Sidekick is unique and considering the thousands of books I have read in my lifetime that is saying something. Have you ever wondered what Bruce Wayne would be like if he was Robin, and his father instead of a philanthropist was inherently evil, and he was in fact a she …who had more in common with Paris Hilton than Batman? Well if so then Sidekick is the book for you.

“I can’t help but think you misunderstood the instructions,” she said observing the chaos I created.
Oh shoot.  The test!
“There’s still time!” I said quickly.
“Really?”  Ryder replied, her eyes moving from mine to the direction of the street.  The girls had vanished and a skinny butt was hobbling away into the shadows.
“You’ve got to give me a second chance!” I pleaded.  “I mean giving me a flasher?  Totally fair.  But bitchy mean girls?  They’re like my kryptonite.”
Ryder turned and walked away from me.
This was terrible.  Awful.  And I had been doing so well!  This couldn’t be how it all ended.  I had worked too hard!  I had sacrificed my hair!
“This isn’t over Ryder!” I called to her sleek back.  “Do you hear me?  This isn’t over!  I’ll show you!”
Suddenly a large boom rocked the night, and a fireball shot into the sky from the roof of the opera house.
Ryder looked back at me.
My hands shot straight up into the air.
“I didn’t do it.”
 Auralee Wallace

I was doing some research for another post and came across this article which reminded of the situation that my friend is currently in. In the article Jessica Park describes the frustration of having written a great book that for some reason no one wants to publish. This is no longer the case for her as Flat Out Love is now a New York Times bestseller. Look for an upcoming in-depth review her on her work to date  Relatively Famous, Flat Out Love, Flat Out Matt and her newest novel Left Drowning.  


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