Book Injuries and Other Oddities

Personally, after reading a really great book, I can’t just pick up any old thing …being a discerning book addict and unfortunately the really great authors are never as prolific as we would like.  Sometimes you just get lucky and there is something compelling either by the cover, the description or by word of mouth. This is, I think, the most subjective part of book selection because everyone’s tastes  vary and simply because one person loved it  is no guarantee that you will. Thankfully with the advent of Google and websites like Goodreads much of the risk out has been of book selection. Even with these resources some people, you know who you are, still require further assurance that what they are reading is worth their time which brings me finally to the object of this post.

Sometimes a story affects us intensely, which sounds like a good thing,  it may even be one the best things about reading. There is a darker side to it though, I have joked in that way people do when they really aren’t joking “that the book had broken me“.  If a reading hangover is the “inability to start a new book because you are still living in the last book’s world”, I must have had the equivalent of book alcohol poisoning that left me in an 18 month long coma following the conclusion to  a book series that I had been anticipating with almost as much fervor as I did the birth of my first child. Suffice it to say that when you look forward to something that much there is no way that the author could satisfy my expectations. Even I realize how crazy that sounds, that being said Richelle Mead’s conclusion to the Georgina Kincaid series spectacularly disappointed me to the point that I did not even bother to finish the Dark Swan series.

I realize that books are the intellectual property of the authors who write them but don’t they have some responsibility to the reader? Particularly when they are successful and have established a significant following. Having never written nor published a book I cannot imagine the pressures that a successful author is under but is writing not like any other business and to a degree where customer satisfaction plays a rather important part? While I think fans threatening an author’s life is more than a little extreme as in the case of Charlaine Harris‘ conclusion to the Southern Vampire series. 

I will say that after concluding Succubus Revealed I simply didn’t want to read anymore. I am the first to admit that I probably overreacted. As readers, I think, we come to believe in authors whose books we love and I felt that Richelle Mead’s effort was marginal at best having seen what she could do in her past novels.  It wasn’t until recently that I even felt remotely interested in searching for something new and exciting to read or even revisiting some of the classics that I knew could never disappoint. Suffice it to say that my spring reading has reignited the passion I feel for reading and I am looking forward to that next great read and possibly even more reviewing it.


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