First Step

Although I am really not a fan of cherry fudge ice cream being an advocate of Gold Medal Ribbon myself or Project Runway as I prefer The Bachelor, I couldn’t agree with this blogger more. I also stumbled upon All About Romance’s top 100 poll and found it to be an excellent tool for a while I was actively searching out many of the books I found there before others that I came across at the same time diverted me from the path. A top 100 list of my own seems daunting even though I know I have at least that many that I have categorized as “Library Worthy” and that is my own personal library of course so they are handily accessible when I NEED to re-read them.

Easy reading is ...

There’s nothing better than a witty, heartwarming romance novel. Not molten chocolate cake, not a half gallon of cherry fudge ice cream, not a Project Runway marathon, not three-day weekends, not sleeping in on Saturdays, not welcome-home hugs. A real life romance might compete, but it would need to make me laugh and cry … and last at least six hours.

Several years ago I stumbled across All About Romance’s top 100 poll. They were compiling a list of readers’ favorite titles, and I thought, I should send them mine. I knew I’d read at least 100 romances by then, but tragically, I couldn’t remember all the good ones—much less rank them.

So I immediately started my own top 100 list. I don’t always remember to update it, especially if a book’s so good that all I can think about is tracking down the rest of the series; and it’s missing all…

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